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In the corner…

May 27th, 2009 | Italy

I like shooting in many churches and I am usually looking up at the beautiful arches and such, here I happened to look down and was totally creeped out by this scene…

The Last Patrol

May 23rd, 2009 | Washington D.C.

This being the Memorial Day Weekend and myself being a Veteran, it seemed only appropriate to give tribute to those from forgotten wars. The Korean War has been labeled such a war and while it is getting ever increasingly hard to find a WWII Veteran, there are still many Korean War Vets among us. So this posting is for them, and also to every other person who has worn the uniform. You are not forgotten.

From Wikipedia:
The memorial is in the form of a triangle intersecting a circle. Within the triangle are 19 stainless steel statues designed by Frank Gaylord,[2] each larger than life-size, between 7 feet 3 inches and 7 feet 6 inches. The figures represent a squad on patrol, drawn from each branch of the armed forces; fifteen of the figures are from the U.S. Army, two are from the Marine Corps, one is a Navy Corpsman, and one is an Air Force Forward Air Observer. They are dressed in full combat gear, dispersed among strips of granite and juniper bushes which represent the rugged terrain of Korea. When reflected in the pool, there appears to be 38 soldiers, representing the 38th parallel. To the north of the statues is a path, forming one side of the triangle. Behind, to the south, is a 164 foot-long black granite wall, created by Louis Nelson Associates, with photographic images sandblasted into it depicting soldiers, equipment and people involved in the war. This forms the second side of the triangle. The third side of the triangle, facing towards the Lincoln Memorial, is open.

To the north of the statues and path is the United Nations Wall, a low wall listing the 22 members of the United Nations that contributed troops or medical support to the Korean war effort.

A further granite wall bears the simple message, inlaid in silver: “Freedom Is Not Free”.

Symphony of Light

May 2nd, 2009 | china, Hong Kong

So I am back from Hong Kong and had a great vacation meeting some nice people and other photographers. Here is a photo of a nightly attraction where they coordinate the city lights to a soundtrack producing a most interesting result. The skylines are awesome and the city gives you several points from which to observe the city.