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Gran Turino

October 10th, 2009 | day to day life, Portraits

So it is a Saturday Night and being the “Mr. Exciting” that I am decided to venture into dark, dramatic, duotones. I had always read about them, but was always dismissing duotones for something else that had my attention for the minute (HDR, Masking, Compositing, etc). Since my wife was out wine tasting, I had no subject but myself so decided to set up some lights and make it happen. Some people say that I have a mean face when I am angry, and I might be inclined to agree with them. I am known in the neighborhood, as the guy who is constantly saying, “GET OFF MY LAWN”.

I love Nachos…

June 23rd, 2009 | colorado, day to day life

So i was taking a picture of some nachos signs when this ferris wheel was caught in the background…

Made in China

April 26th, 2009 | china, day to day life

Even if I had not stated where I was traveling to you might have figured out where I was by this picture. While there are many markets and many tables, this has to be one of the more interesting that I came across. No photos were allowed but with some broken phrases, some gestures , and the purchase of a statue I was allowed the go-ahead on this photo.