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Grand Canyon

June 13th, 2009 | Arizona, Grand Canyon, National Parks

So this is the second of a series of Grand Canyon shots that I have posted and this one is probably my favorite. It is taken from the south rim and is easily accessible as it was taken at a tourist turn-off along the rim road. I still need to get to the bottom of the canyon for a walkabout… (with my camera of course)

Little Camera; Big Vista

December 10th, 2008 | Arizona, Grand Canyon, National Parks

The Grand Canyon is a deceiving place for photographers. You come up to the rim and peer out and think that something so grandiose will be an easy capture. And you snap away, and snap away…but in the end…you never feel like you got “it”. Colors, depth, vista all seemed lost in my little camera. So next year I will head back with a BIGGER camera…that will for sure solve the issue. I mean really…big things need a big camera- so simple.