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Northern Lights

January 21st, 2009 | Norway

This photo was taken in beautiful Norway. The colors of the grass were amazingly rusty and I couldn’t help but to try and capture them the only way I knew how. These ponds were scattered everywhere high in the mountains and it was almost hard to resist stopping at each and every one of them tas each one had its own charm.

Me vs Photomatix

December 19th, 2008 | Norway, Uncategorized

So my friend Danial has accused me of getting into HDRi (High Dynamic Range imaging). That is partially true, but not entirely. I have yet to actually post a picture here that uses HDR software. I have some HDR software but have yet to produce an image that I actually like. I use multiple exposures to increase my dynamic range but do everything manually. The above images are a good example. The top one is done manually while the second one is done automatically with Photomatix. As you can see they are very different.  I like the colors in mine better, but I will admit that Photomatix did a better job with the water.In mine the water seems a little overblown. Not sure if the overblown water is a big deal though because when I had subdued the water in the manual version I was left with a bland photo. 

The other issue that I had was the surreal colors that came out of the grasses…they are colored for sure, but my manual photo shows the more true colors of the grasses.

If anyone has the inside track on how to use HDR software and can produce great results feel free to contact me and give me an education. I could use it LOL. In the meantime, everything you see is me in “manual” mode.

I welcome comments on which version you like better and why…

Lastly, this photo was taken on a crazy and rainy weekend in Norway. Norway is wonderfully beautiful for those that have not been.