The great thing about the internet is the ability to share with each other some of the gems that we have found from time to time in our journeys across the web and through life. If you are somebody that produces great photography and would like to post a picture here, I invite you to send me a picture for consideration.

I say “consideration” as not all photography is appropriate for every audience (I do have some young readers). The photography that I would be inclined to post should have a story with it, and should fit in with the themes that my site carries 1) Travel and 2) Learning about photography.

Lastly, it should be an exceptional picture. I have enough mediocre content of my own to provide lol so dazzle me and the masses!!!

If I don’t post your picture…dont sweat it…it might be the timing, the content, or doesn’t fit in. It doesn’t mean I hate you, want to humiliate you, or think your art is horrible. It just means that I didn’t feel comfortable posting it or dont know a good picture when i see one. One guy that asked for me to post a pic of his had site watermarked on the pic and when i went to his site it had google ads that advertised “mail-order brides”. Great pic…bad site; So I said “no”.

If I do want to use your pic… I would ask that it be no larger than 720 pixels wide, under 300kb in file size, and watermarked so that it is associated to you. And don’t forget; pictures only get better when they have a story associated with them.